Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapist

For our client, the Jules Bordet Institute, one of the leading cancer centers in Europe, we are looking for a Radiation Therapist. 

The Jules Bordet Institute in a few words

This internationally recognized multidisciplinary university centre is entirely dedicated to patients with cancer, offering them cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to prevent, detect and actively fight all types of cancer.

The Institute Jules Bordet also carries out important research activities leading each year to major discoveries in the fight against cancer.

Since the end of 2021, the Institute has been located on the Anderlecht campus between the Erasme University Hospital and the ULB Faculty of Medicine.

The institute now occupies an area of 80,000m² entirely dedicated to care, research, and teaching in the field of oncology.

Job description:

  • You will be responsible for the reception and identification of the patient
  • You will be responsible for the installation of the patient
  • You will take care of the control and the positioning of the patient in the treatment room using : SGRT - IGRT
  • You will perform online imaging on the irradiation machine and interpret the images according to the department's local guidelines and/or protocols
  • You will be responsible for image fusion during daily treatments and in the context of adaptive radiotherapy
  • You will provide regular information to the patient throughout the radiotherapy process
  • You will administer the radiation dose to the patient according to the medical prescription
  • You check the treatment plans
  • You apply the rules of radiation protection meticulously
  • You will accompany the patient in an empathetic, humane, and professional way throughout the treatment process


  • You have a bachelor's degree in medical imaging technology or a bachelor's degree in nursing and are open to specializing in medical imaging
  • An experience in radiotherapy is a plus
  • Active listening and continuity of patient care is important to you
  • You are a teamplayer and want to join a passionate multidisciplinary and multicultural team in a constantly evolving and technologically advanced environment
  • You enjoy challenges and you are able to show autonomy and initiative where needed
  • You have excellent organization skills and show responsibility, you are empathetic and a good listener
  • You are eager to learn and you are committed to your professional development
  • You are keen to be a player in the development of the oncology/radiotherapy profession.
  • You have a good knowledge of IT tools


A permanent contract of 38 hours per week which allows you to combine an exciting professional life with a balanced private life.

An attractive salary package with a public sector pay scale equivalent to the grade of technologist and many other benefits

The opportunity to work in a high-tech environment with the all-important psychosocial support for the patient and to work in a multidisciplinary team (radiotherapists, physicists, receptionist, nursing assistant, radiotherapy consultation nurse) to meet the physical and psychological needs of the patient.

An environment that will allow you to improve your knowledge and develop yourself through training, seminars, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact Silvana Pace by phone 0484 03 23 74 and/or send your application via email to silvana@careforceone.be


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