CareForce One Scale Up Pitching Contest

Wanted! Innovators in Life Sciences & Healthcare

We are looking for ambitious Healthcare or Life-science projects, startups and companies wanting to scale their project in their country or beyond.
Do you have an impact on:
  • humanizing hospital operations or
  • enhancing patient experience or
  • have you developed an innovative therapy?
Then join our 1st pitching competition and get the chance to win a financial injection or a CF1 co-pilot.

Curious? Continue to discover below what it is all about or subscribe now!

What is the CareForce One pitching contest?

At CareForce One it is all about inspiring and co-piloting professionals in Life Sciences & Healthcare.
We want to give wings to the future of Life Sciences & Healthcare Professionals.

Since we practice what we preach, we want to give 5 scale ups or growing startups the chance to pitch their project to a diverse audience of investors and experts during our 1 year anniversary event.

Location: E-Health Valley, Anderlecht

Date: April 25 from 2 till 6 PM

What’s the deadline for subscription?
      April 7, 2023

What do you need to submit?
      Video of max 3’ and 20 MB

What is the deadline for submitting your application?
      April 7, 2023

When will you know if you are selected for the final?
     By April 12, 2023

Will there be a dry run?
     Optional Coaching April 17, 2023
     Dry-Run April 20, 2023

When do you have to pitch?
     On April 25, 2023 between 2pm and 4pm

What’s in it for you?

  • Visibility: You will have the chance to explain the content and impact of your project to a diverse audience of investors, coaches and Life Sciences & Healthcare experts.
  • Coaching: You will be challenged by a diverse jury and you will get to know experts who can coach you in your growth path.
  • Financial Injection: The winner will get a financial injection of 15.000€ offered by financial partners.
  • Operational support: You will get a co-pilot from CareForce One who will help you to optimize your talent strategy.
  • Enlarge your network: You will have the chance to meet with peers, representatives in bigger companies and experts in LS and HC, as well as potential investors and sponsors, during the network event of the 1 year anniversary celebration of CareForce One.

Who are we?

CareForce One offers Human Resources solutions in Life Sciences & Healthcare. We work together with you to strengthen your career plan and workforce. As your co-pilot, we will fly by your side and help give wings to your vision and mission.

eHealth Venture is a digital health startup studio aiming to empower forward-looking individuals and organizations to pioneer the next wave of disruption in Healthcare. In order to do this, we activate our large network of Healthcare entrepreneurs, experts and institutional decision makers.

The jury

  • Sonja Willems
    Sonja Willems Former Managing Director Janssen Pharmaceutica Benelux
  • Léna Guilbert
    Léna Guilbert Manager Transformation Team | Change management & 360 Strategy Healthcare @CHU Brugman
  • Bruno Holthof
    Bruno Holthof Investmant Partner EQT Life Sciences & Chairman of Copus Group
  • Bart Becks
    Bart Becks Executive chairman of E-Health Valley
  • Peter Verhaeghe
    Peter Verhaeghe Chairman of the Board of Directors at argenx SE

Contest rules


  • Impact: The startup should have a positive impact on enhancing patient experience or humanizing hospital operations or you have developed an innovative therapy. This can be an important factor for investors and customers who are increasingly interested in companies that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Innovation and Creativity: The startup/project should have a unique idea or approach that differentiates them from competitors. The idea should also be scalable and have the potential for a significant impact in the market.

  • Market Potential: The startup should have a clear understanding of their target market and the potential for growth. The business model should be sustainable and scalable.

  • Team: The team should have a strong background in the industry and the skills necessary to execute the idea. The team's experience, passion, and commitment to the project are also important factors.


After the deadline of April 7, the pre-selection jury members will receive an overview of the submitted cases. Based on a balanced scorecard delivered by each jury individually, 3 (maximum 5) projects will be established and communicated. The selected projects will be invited to pitch to the jury and the audience on April 25, 2023


  • Traction: The startup should have some level of traction or validation, such as customer interest or early adopters. This can demonstrate that the startup has market potential and the ability to execute.

  • Financials: The startup should have a solid financial plan that includes revenue projections, cost structures, and funding requirements. The financials should be realistic and demonstrate a clear path to profitability.

  • Pitch: The startup should be able to effectively communicate their idea, market potential, team, financials, and impact in a compelling pitch. The pitch should be clear, concise, and persuasive (in your video for the pre-selection round and face-to-face during the pitching session).


The audience and the final jury members will receive an evaluation sheet judging on several criteria but connected to the original selection criteria.
The audience will elect a winner that will receive a CF1 co-pilot who will during 3 months help you set up or mentor your talent strategy.
The jury will elect a winner that will receive a financial reward of maximum 15.000€ delivered by some Financial partners.

Up to you now!

  • Click on the link below to participate and maximize your chances to win financial and operational support!

  • Fill in the participation form and present us your impactful project by sending us a video pitch of max. 3 minutes - max. 20 MB

  • We will announce the finalists on April 12!