Testimonials from Paul & Chantal - introduction of our Health Care Interim Managers

Testimonial from Paul - Interim Manager Health Care

I'm a nurse with a master's degree in Public Health, and I've spent most of my career as a director of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Brussels and Wallonia.

For over 15 years, I have also been an IRSG trainer and responsible for training nursing home directors at the CPSI in Brussels.
After 25 years of managing nursing homes, I decided to share my experience through interim management assignments.

Being a nursing home manager isn't easy, you have to be a real conductor… and you have to be both:

D irect
I nitiative (to take)
R igorous
E mpathetic
C ollaborative
T oliant
E xcellent listener
U nique
R espectful

I really enjoy coaching directors of nursing homes, as I want to offer them a toolbox to help them improve in their role.
This support can be in the form of one-off team coaching in the face of a complicated situation, or the implementation of projects in close collaboration with the director, or the replacement of a director on long-term leave or illness while waiting for a new director to be hired, or...

The advantage we have is that we have an outside viewpoint and can therefore give a more objective opinion on the situation.

I don't claim to know everything there is to know in the field of nursing homes and service residences, but I do share my experience of the sector and I get lots of inspiration from my coaching experiences.
For me, the management of people is of great value to me. And thanks to these experiences, I've had many wonderful encounters and very constructive exchanges for both parties.

Testimonial from Chantal - Interim Manager Elderly Care

Being able to support and let grow a new director of a retirement home gave me a lot of energy.

The management function is full of challenges and requires a great deal of expertise. As an outsider, I was able to support the management, but also the staff, in a variety of analyses: economic, HR management, organization of care, involvement of staff and residents, and so on. This has enabled me to share my knowledge and, above all, to help management get to grips with the situation and have open-hearted discussions about what's working and what's not.

These assignments also give me the opportunity to pass on the humanist vision I hold dear in caring for the elderly.

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Publicatiedatum: 01 February 2024