Testimonial from Chris - Introduction of our Life Sciences Interim Managers

Careforce One reached out to me for a project that proved to be both challenging and, perhaps, not entirely pleasant: the closure of a business in Belgium. This endeavor involved approximately a hundred employees, constituting a part of an international conglomerate.

Given the intricacies of the business and the complexity of the processes involved, it was deemed essential to enlist the expertise of an external HR consultant to oversee the closure. This encompassed various facets such as employee communications, adherence to the Renault Law, negotiation of the social plan, and more, spanning across several months. This strategic decision allowed the existing HR personnel to maintain focus on their daily HR operations, as the closure was scheduled to occur gradually.

The approach adopted by Careforce One resonated deeply with my preferred mode of operation: straightforward, transparent, articulate, and swift in action, all while maintaining a personal touch. Remarkably, within just a week, I had engaged in two discussions with Careforce One and held a meeting with the Managing Director of the Belgian site along with the corporate HR representative, paving the way for immediate action.

Careforce One maintains regular contact to ensure ongoing monitoring, extending the same courtesy to the client, enabling swift adjustments if required.

Now, two months into the project, everything is progressing smoothly on all fronts, both in terms of timing and employee engagement. Collaboration with the local management team and corporate entities has been seamless, thanks to the cultural alignment skillfully facilitated by Careforce One.

Publicatiedatum: 20 March 2024